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San Jose Newspaper Guild
Communications Workers of America
Local 39098, San Jose, California
representing employees at the Mercury News
and the Monterey County Herald

(408) 436-0761 fax (408) 436-7640

Mercury News stalls on pensions Almost two months after the Guild won its pension arbitration, the Mercury News has not yet said when it will pay the pension benefit improvements. Instead the paper has contacted the arbitrator to ask if his ruling is retroactive and, if it is, whether the Guild has to pay the MN for its costs of recalculating the pension benefits. The Guild's attorney termed the MN move a stalling tactic and asked the arbitrator to charge the MN interest for the late payments. May 14, 2004

Arbitrator rules in pension case In a major victory for both Mercury News retirees and current employees, an arbitrator has ruled that the paper violated the Guild contract when it refused to pay a 5.75 percent pension benefit increase retroactive to Jan. 1, 2002. Some 400 retirees and beneficiaries will receive both retroactive increases and improvements in their monthly checks going forward. March 24, 2004

Guild mourns Al Glusker The San Jose Guild mourns the death of Al Glusker, 92, a former local president who was partially responsible for putting together the pension plan currently enjoyed by Mercury News Guild active and retired members. He died on May 18, 2004.
The local gave him its highest honor, The Frank Sauliere Award, in 1972 after his service as president in 1969 and 1970.
After "retiring" from the Mercury News in 1981, Al continued to work as a casual copy editor until he was 85 years old. We are thankful for his commitment and selfless service to the union and its members.

Guild remembers Jose Stell Jose Stell, a former local president who was one of the true giants of this local and the entire Newspaper Guild, died Tuesday. March 24, 2004
Gil Bailey reminisces about "barn burner" Stell April 12, 2004

Guild News -- March 2004

Membership OKs fiscal '04 budget We weigh campaign over projected health plan increase, review pension arbitration, look toward 2006 contract bargaining. Oct. 22, 2003

Affordable housing Learn more about options for homebuyers, homeowners, renters and commuters from material prepared by the Guild and our presenters at the Affordable Housing Forum. June 10, 2002
MC Luther Jackson, panelists Tracy Cunningham, John Doherty, Paul King and Kraig Constantino.

Report from plantwide housing survey Sometimes the crisis doesn’t seem real until you or someone you know – such as a co-worker – experiences the ugly side of Silicon Valley housing. This problem is very real, and hundreds of you working at 750 Ridder Park Drive are going through it. Updated with data from all 503 respondents.

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CWA ends strike
Union, SBC reach tentative agreement May 25, 2004

Akron Guild takes strike vote May 19, 2004

CWA on 'West Wing'
'Off-shoring' of tech jobs was the issue on 4-21.
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Guild mourns death of member Cartrick Phipps
April 7, 2004

Housing resources

A new labor code for Iraq Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Jan. 22, 2004

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